Vacation to Mount Bromo with children

Planning to bring children to witness the beauty of Mount Bromo? Do not hesitate anymore and immediately plan your tour trip. Mount Bromo is quite safe for children provided that the supervision is quite strict from parents or their companion. And the most important thing is that the child is in good health and has been able to walk alone (ideally at least 3 years old so they can also begin to enjoy the trip).

Many parents are worried about bringing children to Bromo because of extreme weather in certain months, but believe me … get there and witness the beauty of Bromo directly, the worries will disappear and Mother’s father can share the beauty of nature with your beloved baby …

Vacation to Mount Bromo with children

Vacation to Mount Bromo with childrenFor parents, what must be considered is the children’s costumes so they are ready for the weather of Mount Bromo, especially when we will invite them to witness the atmosphere of the rising sun which requires tourists to leave from 3 am to Pananjakan 1. Pananjakan 1 is wrong one location with the best view to see sunrise and photo events with the beauty of Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru & Gunung Batok.

Complete children’s costumes for cold weather should all be worn or at least taken in bags as preparations, ranging from: sweaters (sweaters), jackets, hats, gloves, nose cover masks and wearing comfortable, closed socks & socks not slippery (because of the small feet they will climb 250 steps to get to the Bromo crater and it is advisable to wear sneakers or sports shoes).

Don’t forget to bring lots of water, milk, cereal, bread, shredded rice, rice and children’s favorite snacks in case the child is thirsty or hungry on the way home or on the way home. All of these provisions will be left in the Hard Top Jeep that we rent and therefore it is very important to memorize the license plate number and color of our rented Hard Top Jeep so we can find it again after we have finished enjoying the tourist spots in Bromo.

And if necessary bring a pillow for the neck specifically the size of the child so that children can sleep comfortably on the trip. By paying attention to costumes, neck pillows & food to drink children, children will be more ready for combat and can enjoy an unforgettable adventure with their beloved father.

How about it There is nothing to worry about mengajak to invite the children to Bromo? A thorough preparation will make the trip & adventure feel much more fun and soothing, especially if you go to Bromo through the Mount Bromo tour package, there is nothing more to worry about.

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