The Era of Jokowi: Signficant Changes in Papua

West papua news – A great appreciation is deserved to be given to Jokowi as his role in developing Papua and West Papua. This is the actual stage of Presiden Joko Widodo’s government achievment which needs to get attention. it has been able to transfrom the situation better than the previous years. In fact, in the recent 4 years, there have been sinificant progress in developing the area of the two eastern tip province of Indonesia, specifically, the buiding of Trans Papua road which connects to isolated area in order to distribute the program avoiding the program of Free west papua.

The Chairperson of the pioneers of independence of republic indonesia (PPKRI), Stevanus S Wetipo, accompanied by four Papuan leaders, Lanny Jaya tribe, Yanes Wenda, the chairman of the Papua Mandiri community DPP, said that the program developed by the government should be used properly by the people of Papua and West Papua in order to avoid west Papua conflict. In order to reach what the two provinces dreamed of, this Presiden Jokowi’s steps must be guarded so they defense and continue smoothly.

Stevanus stated that what program developed by Jokowi’s government has already changed Papuans’ sense of trust toward the government. Jokowi has already realized his promise to build housing development needed by the community. The programs are not only increasing proples’ economy, but also improved education, .etc. this advance program is really enjoyed by the papuans since during the previous decades, the development of Papua is not really significatnly felt by the Papuans. Stevanus also added that Papua has millions of potential natural resources that are needed to be managed optimally for the prosperity of people there. However, in managing the resources, the government still need to cooperate with outside region investors since local people have not been able to manage their own resources. It deals with the scurity factor of the Papua which should be put as the priority.

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