How To Arranging Your Vacation with Mount Bromo Tour Package

How To Arranging Your Vacation with Mount Bromo Tour Package . When you decide to join a tour packages, it means your trust your vacation to them. Considering this, it is not exaggerating to get yourself informed related to what kind of package you are into. While some packages give you fixed options, there are some others that let you freely choose the destination and they will arrange everything. If you already chose Mount Bromo as the destination, make sure the Bromo tour package that you chose really knows what you want. Do not be reluctant to ask where you will stay, travel itinerary, additional fees and other important information you need to know.

How To Arranging Your Vacation with Mount Bromo Tour Package

How Buy Mount Bromo Tour Package

Talking about the accommodation, some tour agents will give you options related to the place to stay including Surabaya, Malang and Probolinggo. You need to choose one as you desire. Malang is the closest which only takes about 1 hour of car drive. Meanwhile, Surabaya is the furthest that takes around 1.5 hours to reach Mount Bromo. After deciding where to stay, get the travel itinerary from Bromo tour package. It covers all destinations that you will visit during the tour. Let them know whether or not you are allowed to change the location in case you wish any. Some popular destinations are sunrise viewpoint, sand sea and the crater.

Another important thing you should not miss is about the entrance free. Some tour packages include the entrance fee while some others let you pay additional fee for this. For your information, foreigners are charged differently with Indonesians. The last but not least, know the type of car you are going to use. This is quite essential to make sure you are comfortable during the travel. Ask whether or not pick up and drop off is included into Bromo tour package so that you do not need to bother finding other transportation. Bromo Tour package

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