Cenderawasih Colonel Answers to Sebby’s Accusations

For Aidi, Head of Information for Kodam (Kapendam) XVII / Cenderawasih Colonel, the involvement of the TNI in the process of infrastructure development in Papua was intended for the good of the people, not for triggering any West Papua conflict. “Building to help accelerate the process of infrastructure development, where the TNI is always at the forefront to overcome the difficulties of the people around us. For example, like the case in Asmat, the TNI is deployed there first,” he said. In addition to being involved in infrastructure development, Aidi said that the TNI was also involved in education. He mentioned that in rural areas where there were no teachers teaching in a school, TNI soldiers from Babinsa were deployed to help teach, even helping to make houses of worship, schools, village halls to others and it can be seen on West Papua news. “This is not all the TNI wants to take over from other parties, but it fills in the gaps that cannot be done by other parties. So, I think the accusations to the TNI do not make sense, do not make logic,” he said.

Aidi also responded to Sebby’s accusation that the TNI had bombarded the scene by plane. According to him this accusation is not true. “Moreover, it is said that the TNI deployed aircraft to bomb the scene. It could be that we did deploy all defense equipment, but did not do it. We still have the norm, but they (TPN / OPM) do not. The NKRI sovereignty is recognized by the whole world, there is no country even those who deny that,” he said. He doesn’t give any comment about free West Papua movement.

Aidi said that until now the majority of countries in the world still recognize Papua as part of Indonesia. He said that even if there were countries that supported the TPN / OPM movement to separate Papua from Indonesia, according to him, only one or two people did not like Indonesia. “Even countries that have no diplomatic relations with Indonesia such as Israel recognize Indonesian sovereignty. If they are the legality from where, just hold and take up arms is illegal, it has violated the law, there is no justification from any lawless people who take up arms,” ​​he said.

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